Middle East - Window of the World History

Impact of the Chapter section oil-producing countries: 0 years trend ... Translation of the Middle East to refer to the West Asia zone. Country that is independent from colonial mandate of the United Kingdom France often. Such as conflict of Arab and Israel, it has become the most serious conflict zones of the world. Meaning of [the Middle East] The past, was often seen regional name of [the Middle East], recently, often the West Asia zone that [the Middle East]. This [the Middle East] is, Middle in the translation of the East (Mideast), from getting to the 20th century, one in which the area was used by the colonial rule the United Kingdom. Earlier, the Southeast Asia China Japan [Far East], the building Mind Afghanistan Iran [Middle East], had been classified as [Near East] the Ottoman Empire and the Arabian Peninsula, in World War II, was placed in Egypt United Kingdom military headquarters came to be referred to as the [Middle East] GHQ. In general, at present, east Afghanistan Iran, west Egypt Sudan, northern Turkey, south refers to the range which is surrounded by the Arabian Peninsula countries.