Prime Minister, also the nuclear

Impact of the Chapter section oil-producing countries: 0 years trend ... Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is 0 days, held talks in Japan was Iran's Rouhani president and the Prime Minister's Office. Prime Minister requested the implementation of the nuclear agreement, which was to limit the nuclear development of Iran. The two leaders were to discuss towards easing tensions in the Middle East to destabilize in the confrontation of the United States and Iran. The prime minister also describes its own dispatch to the Middle East waters of the Maritime Self-Defense Force. Rouhani teacher was evaluated as [to understand the intention of Japan to contribute to the safety of navigation on their own initiative (initiative)]. The beginning of the prime minister talks, stressed that [Japan plays the role of as much as possible for the situation stabilization of the Middle East]. Iran that has continued to deviate act of restitution to the nuclear agreement to strengthen US nuclear agreement withdrawal and economic sanctions in mind with a complete implementation of the [Iran nuclear agreement, construction for the sake of peace and stability in the region I complained and expected] that specific role.

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