Given the social changes of the Middle East - BLOGOS

Impact of the Chapter section oil-producing countries: 0 years trend ... In Turkey paper Mirietto the column dated month 0 days, in the analysis of the victory in the general election of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), was commentary about the situation of the demise of the tribal system in Turkey society. In the article, it introduced a different life style with the spread of the television, the people who saw it was ceased to swear allegiance to the tribe. Because of anyone standing on its own economically, as a means to maintain the old ties to the tribe had no longer], is introducing a change in the tribal society in the Southeastern Anatolia of Turkey. In the past, Morio Ono teacher was made a social research related to the [white revolution] at the bottom of Parabi dynasty the rural to the field of Iran, return to rural youth that came to migrant workers in cities to obtain cash income, the mechanization of agriculture by promoting the, it is summarized in the survey report about the balance of power in the village, which has long followed is destroyed large.